The age of the Guru is coming to an end.
In fact, If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of another so called Marketing Guru, quietly fading away into obscurity.

It was bound to happen.
Coaches and experts would begin to see through all the hype and crazy promises, in the world of online marketing.

Placing proof and results over slick words and manufactured social proof, has taken its rightful place as the way to attract new clients.




Teaching people how to do this has become my mission over the last few years, as I tried one, then another, then another program, training, mastermind, and insider secret, all to just figure out how to do one thing-get clients for my business.


I spent tens of thousands of dollars doing this, and more often that not, came away feeling like I had been duped, or at the very least, like all of those trainings were more hype than substance.


Marketing and client attraction is hard, but it doesn’t have to be THAT hard.


And you're most likely here because you want more clients, but you don’t want to feel like you’ve sold your soul, or your integrity, to get them.


You shouldn’t (and don’t) have to cold pitch hundreds of people each day, or go into groups to prospect.


I would never have even gotten into marketing myself, if I hadn’t been so frustrated by all the smooth talking Gurus and “marketing pros” out there, acting like a bunch of Carnival Barkers, and preying on the fact that we don’t know what we don’t know.


The bad advice and manipulative tactics I was taught, and told to do, could fill the Grand Canyon, but I couldn’t bring myself to do them.


As I said, I have literally invested tens of thousands of dollars-maybe over a hundred thousand at this point, into Coaches, Mentors, Programs, and masterminds, and more often than not, felt like it wasn’t worth it.


In fact, most of what I have learned, I pieced together myself.


And you know what? It works!


And to prove that it does (knowing full well that some people will want to hire me to help them speed up the implementation, and support them along the journey), I’m inviting you into a FREE private group, where you can learn it all.




Everything that I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars, and years figuring out, is inside this group, and I give it all away.


Now you might be thinking there’s a catch here, but again, I know that there are always people who will want to hire me and my team to help them, and to speed up their process-and thats it, thats the only catch.


And I'll always be transparent about that.


Of course I’m in business to make money, but I only do it by helping you make money.


So if you’re ready to finally discover what does work, and begin to steadily attract lots of great clients every month (how does 5-10 or more sound?), then join the Group.


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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