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Your CLIENT CREATION METHOD Membership includes:

  • The Soul Of Your Brand

    A simple method for EARNING the trust of your audience (regardless of social media platform).

  • Setting Up Shop

    A clear, easy to implement method to grow your audience ridiculously fast.

  • Authority Explosion

    Directions on how to create the right offer for your audience (so that they actually buy from you).

  • Cruise Control

    A framework for systemizing into an easy to follow, low time commitment, monthly schedule.

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I usually try to avoid guarantees which focus on refunds (it’s often an easy exit for those that don’t want to put the effort in). But here’s what I’ll offer you:

1) Invest today.
2) Read through the training and apply it. You have 30 days to see if what I’ve explained to you here is true.

3) If you believe this is not worth your investment and you feel you cannot use this to at least 10X the investment, then apply for a full refund by emailing my team (info@theclientcreationmethod).

I look forward to seeing you inside the program.

Manny Wolfe

Founder, The Client Creation Method


I booked 36 new clients and passed the $10k/month mark! I'm getting so many leads that getting to 7 figures is just a matter of following the systems. I've been booked on stages around the world - it's having a HUGE impact on my business and positions me as an authority.

Sarah Griffiths


I went from an non-existent profile to being seen by over half a million people - and my business just keeps on growing. If you're looking to grow your business with branding and marketing, there is no better method I've found for continued success.

Tom Brennan

Founder, Verho Communications

I just had a $10k day! I am now starting to really move - just reworking my positioning helped me go from a reach of 100 to 5000 on my social profiles. I'm even getting booked on major podcasts. If you're truly thinking about doing this, I would say jump in and do it!

Amanda Warfield

Founder, Thriving Life Craft

About Us

Manny Wolfe is a speaker, business coach, musician and author. He fully believes in giving whatever of value he can share with others.


Mindfulness has been a central part of Manny’s life for years and it has allowed him to chose a life of purpose and passion, doing what feeds his soul.


He teaches coaches, entrepreneurs, and experts how to build powerful personal brands, and how to become show-stopping public speakers. He is the founder of The Client Creation Method, where he teaches visionaries how to deliver their message with power, passion, persuasion, and precision.

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